Building a Startup in Public from Scratch

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Who are we?

We’re ZenML, a startup based in the beautiful city of Munich, Germany. Here, the core ZenML team, and its lovely community, are busy clacking away at our keyboards to bring production machine learning to the masses!

Why are we doing this?

Our team has decided that we won’t make the mistake of locking away the knowledge we accumulate and not sharing it with the world. We’re building our tool, and company, out in the open.

What does that mean? Well, we’re open-source in the first place, so not much changes, as pretty much everything is available publicly. However, we’ve decided to put an extra emphasis to record this journey as it continues. We’re going to publish regular updates in this newsletter, not just on a product level, but on a company level—the sort of stuff you’d normally communicate only to investors. We feel that level of transparency will give us accountability, motivate us to deliver faster results, and hopefully result in more people paying attention and giving feedback.

Stay up-to-date

We plan to ramp this up as we go. Hopefully starting with a monthly update, and if more people are interested at more frequent intervals. This post is the first in (hopefully) a long journey. The ending of this journey is unknown, which makes it exciting. It might end in brutal failure or blinding success. Either way, the goal is to be honest, so that it’s beneficial to you, dear reader, if you one day decide to go down a similar route. Subscribe if you’re interested in finding out how an open-source, tech startup is built out in public, or if you’re just curious. You won’t have to worry about missing anything. Every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox.

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Build ZenML with us!

Be part of a community of people who love to create simple MLOps tooling into the world. Head over to GitHub directly to start contributing - we even have a voting function where you can influence our roadmap. Also, join our Slack for more interactive discussions about MLOps and ZenML.

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Building tools for production machine learning, and doing my best to share what I learn.
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